Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle Accessories

Proven Performance for Your H1 Hummer®

UORVA kits upgrade the performance of the HUMVEE® and HUMMER® vehicles. We have been a driving force behind winning vehicles in the BAHA and related races and have upgraded the HMMWV for US Military units.


Born in Baha - Better for Battle

Baha-proven upgrades may help HMMWVs face tomorrow’s battles with developed commercial off-the shelf (COTS) upgrade kits that have taken stock production HUMMERS®, HUMVEES® and HMMWVs to high performance machines.

These kits add:

  • Power – up to 300 hp
  • Capacity – up to 20,000lbs.
  • Reliability – new key, upgraded components
  • Mobility – better, larger springs / restores ride height / fits new shocks
  • Maneuverability – new stronger sway bars

…all without adding much cost or weight.

These kits make a sound low cost simple upgrade to military HMWWVs. Whether the vehicles are Up-Armored HMMWVs (UAH) with gunner protection kits, or standard M900 or M1000 series vehicles, kits can restore and better the ORD for longer and better service.

These are individual, stand-alone kits that can be installed over different upgrades/recap programs. Most kits can be installed in maintenance shops or during depot overhauls. Different kits take hours, not days to install.

For HUMVEE® Sustainment Modification Initiatives (SMI) or add-on to the MECV-S programs, these smart kits can be bolted-on to fit requirements and budgets.




ENGINE – bolt-on kits

The stock HMMWV ECV vehicle engine with mechanical fan drive has shown it can be upgraded in the HMMWV to 250 or 300 horsepower. A 250 horsepower upgrade kit (250 HUK) was proven in the ECV2 and also selected and thoroughly tested in BAE MECV prototype vehicles. A HMMWV up-weighted to 18,000 pounds has also run the 250 horsepower kit in desert conditions demonstrating significant performance improvement in acceleration, torque and speed. Production versions of this same engine at 300 horsepower have been sold for years.

These UORVA horsepower improvement kits fit to the stock 6.5L turbo-diesel engine and combines higher available fuel flow with cooler turbocharger air for higher power. The right and left intercooler manifolds are low profile to fit under the hood and the charge air cooler sits above the existing radiator with a high efficiency fin and core design. No new wires, no electronics. This is a simple, affordable proven mechanical solution.

To jump up to 300 horsepower a new turbocharger is installed. This turbo mounts the same and fits in the same space claim. A new turbo output casting is installed that provides higher flow along with a new high flow exhaust kit. The exhaust system was further designed so that it can stay mounted during service and removal of the transmission and transfer case.


TRANSMISSION – More speeds and lower torque

Now that you have added more horsepower - a transmission upgrade kit provides further improvement in performance. This is a modified commercial truck transmission that can handle over 20,000 GVW pounds with better acceleration and lower heat rejection. Remanufactured units with complete dyno testing are even available with a long warranty. The transmission is adapted to fit between the engine and transfer case without moving either and includes new tail housings, new frame crossmember, linkages to mate to the existing shift selector and a harness that plugs into the existing vehicle harness, another simple solution.


SUSPENSION – Improves ride and restores Ride Height

Now that you can drive faster, quicker and haul more weight, a ride improvement kit restores original (ORD) ride height and wheel travel at weights up to 20,000 pounds. The kit gives you a new lower control arm that smartly provides a recessed spring mount and a 3 and ½ inch longer spring for each wheel. The arm is made with ½ inch steel plate. The spring provides more steel to support the higher HMMWV weights along with wider coil gaps. The wider gap reduces coil bind and lets through more air to cool those shocks (for longer life) that you will put to the test with those added horses under the hood. With different bolt-on lower spring mounts you can reuse existing shocks, install our adjustable shock kit or install the shock of your choice. The new control arms mount right to the HMMWV.


To provide smoother, safer maneuverability another option for you is to install a solid billet ball joint kit with new larger front and rear sway bars. These sway bars are mil-spec hot bent, quenched and tempered. The added rear bar includes bolt-on brackets for simple fit. A 1.75 inch rear sway bar was selected after testing at the higher vehicle gross vehicle weight.

How about a better radiator we have one that is all aluminum and gives you better cooling with 2 large flat tubes. The smoother ride with our suspension will help reliability of this and other frame mounted components.

We have tooling to make HMMWV custom all-silicone hose kits for longer life and prevent those break-downs on the road.   

Now that you’ve added all this capacity, all this power, all this reliability, all this mobility, all this maneuverability do you know what you didn’t add – you didn’t add much weight. Engine kits add about 100 pounds  / transmission kit adds about 130 pounds / Suspension kit adds about 180 pounds. 

All these kits are COMMERCIALLY available for HUMMER® HUMVEE® and HMMWV. Options on some of the kits even allow for versions to mount to earlier M900 series vehicle with electric fan drive.

The kits can be installed in maintenance shops and require no new special tools for installation or support.

Born in the USA for the Baja, ready commercially to drive the HMMWV into the next battle.