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Efficient 360° Cleaning

The Triangle Mop 360 Twist Squeeze Wringing XType is your ultimate cleaning solution, offering a versatile and effective way to maintain a spotless home. Designed with innovation in mind, this mop combines the power of a 360° swivel head, a twist and squeeze mechanism, and an XType structure for exceptional cleaning performance. Whether you need to tackle windows, glass, toilets, bathrooms, floors, household surfaces, or even those hard-to-reach ceiling spots, this mop has you covered.

Twist and Squeeze Technology

 This mop features a unique twist and squeeze technology that ensures your cleaning efforts are efficient and mess-free. With a simple twist, you can wring out excess water, leaving your floors and surfaces damp, not drenched. This means faster drying times and less water wastage. The XType design also makes it easy to access tight corners and crevices, ensuring that no spot goes uncleaned.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning

 From bathroom tiles to kitchen floors, this versatile mop is a must-have for any household. It adapts to a wide range of cleaning tasks, making it the ideal tool for busy individuals and families. The 360° swivel head ensures that you can reach every nook and cranny with ease, making ceiling dusting and floor mopping effortless. With a quick switch between tasks, you’ll save time and energy.

Durable and Easy to Use

 Crafted from high-quality materials, the Triangle Mop 360 Twist Squeeze Wringing XType is built to last. Its user-friendly design means that anyone in the family can use it, and its compact storage size makes it a breeze to stow away when not in use. Say goodbye to back-breaking cleaning and hello to a more efficient and enjoyable household cleaning experience with this innovative cleaning solution.




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