1-4 Layer Dumpling Storage Boxes: Kitchen and Fridge Organizer

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1-4 Layer Dumpling Storage Boxes: Kitchen and Fridge Organizer

Keep your dumplings and snacks fresh with these versatile food storage containers. Crafted from high-quality food-grade plastic, these containers are the ideal solution for preserving the freshness of various foods. With options for 1, 2, 3, or 4 layers, you have the flexibility to tailor your storage to suit your needs. The lids are available in both clear and white, simplifying the process of identifying your stored items.


Seal-Tight Design: Our containers feature an innovative seal-tight design that ensures an airtight and leak-proof seal. This design effectively preserves the freshness and flavor of your stored food items, so your meals remain delectable.

Easy Visibility: The clear and white lids provide effortless visibility and quick identification of contents. This feature saves you valuable time and effort when searching for specific items, making meal prep and cooking more convenient.

Food-Grade Material:Crafted from top-quality food-grade plastic, these containers offer safety for storing your food. Their durability and long-lasting nature ensure that your investment in reliable food storage is well-placed.

Stackable Design: These containers come with a stackable design that maximizes space efficiency in your kitchen or pantry. Neatly stack them to optimize storage capacity while keeping your space tidy and organized.

Versatile Layer Options: Choose from our range of layer options – 1 Layer, 2 Layer, 3 Layer, or 4 Layer – to cater to your specific storage needs. Whether you’re storing small portions or larger quantities, we have the right solution for you.


Avoid using these containers in the microwave or oven, as they are not suitable for high-heat applications. For longer-lasting use, we recommend hand washing. These containers are designed to be a reliable part of your kitchen organization and food storage strategy.





1 Layer White, 1 Layer Clear, 2 Layer White, 2 Layer Clear, 3 Layer White, 3 Layer Clear, 4 Layer White, 4 Layer Clear


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