Disposable Air Fryer Oil-Proof Baking Pan

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Effortless Cooking and Cleaning

The Disposable Air Fryer Oil-Proof Baking Pan is a game-changer in the kitchen, making your cooking experience easier and clean-up a breeze. Designed to fit seamlessly in most air fryers, this innovative baking pan eliminates the need for greasing and extra cleanup. It’s made from special tinfoil that is oil-proof, ensuring that your food doesn’t stick to the pan while cooking, and the pan itself remains mess-free.

Versatile Oven and Barbecue Use

This baking pan is not limited to air frying. Its versatility extends to conventional ovens and barbecues, making it an indispensable kitchen tool for a variety of cooking techniques. Whether you’re roasting vegetables, grilling skewers, or baking delicate pastries, this aluminum foil pan ensures consistent results and easy food release, making your culinary endeavors hassle-free.

Food-Grade and Eco-Friendly

Crafted from food-grade aluminum foil, this disposable baking pan is safe for cooking and storing food. It’s an eco-friendly option as well, as it can be recycled after use, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional bakeware. Say goodbye to scrubbing and scraping, and hello to a more sustainable and convenient way of cooking.

Oil Blotting Paper for Healthier Meals

To further enhance your cooking experience, this baking pan comes with oil blotting paper. This clever addition helps absorb excess oil from your dishes, making your meals healthier without sacrificing flavor. It’s perfect for those looking to reduce their oil intake or achieve a crispier texture on their favorite foods.



6 Deep dish (50 pcs), 8 Deep dish (50 pcs), 7 Deep dish (50 pcs), 9 Deep dish (50 pcs)


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