Fruit-Shaped Cleaning Sponges-Set of 4

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Sponge Set: Your Kitchen Cleaning Companion

Discover our environmentally-friendly Cleaning Sponge Set, a versatile and essential addition to your kitchen cleaning arsenal. With the model number SN094, these sponges are designed to cater to all your cleaning needs.



Key Features:

Eco-Friendly and Stocked: These sponges prioritize sustainability without compromising on availability. They’re here to make your kitchen chores more eco-conscious.

Optimal Size: Measuring 5.51 inches * 4.53 inches * 1.38 inches, these sponges strike the perfect balance between compactness and usability, ensuring they are a valuable addition to your kitchen cleaning supplies.

Comprehensive Cleaning: The Cleaning Sponge Set is equipped with both a cleaning brush and a scouring pan, offering you a complete solution to tackle various kitchen messes with ease.


Household Cleaning Tools & Accessories: These sponges are more than just cleaning tools; they are essential accessories to keep your kitchen in pristine condition.

From wiping down countertops to tackling stubborn pan stains, these sponges are your reliable partners. Compact, eco-conscious, and designed for efficient cleaning, they elevate your kitchen cleaning experience. Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your kitchen cleaning routine. Order your Cleaning Sponge Set today and discover the difference in cleanliness and convenience.




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