3-in-1 Hand-Crank Peeler, Slicer and Corer


Say hello to the NICEYARD Stainless Steel Handheld Shredder and Slicer – a cool tool for slicing and cutting fruits and veggies.

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Introducing the NICEYARD Stainless Steel Handheld Shredder and Slicer

A tool that helps you cut fruits and veggies easily

It’s made by a brand called NICEYARD, and it comes from Mainland China. This tool has special blades made of strong stainless steel that can slice things smoothly. It’s good for the environment because it’s eco-friendly, which means it doesn’t harm our planet.


Use to Safely: This tool has a certificate (like a special sticker) that says it’s safe to use, and it’s made from the same stainless steel material as the blades. You can use it to cut up fruits and veggies for salads or recipes. It’s like a kitchen gadget that makes cooking faster and simpler.

Precision Slicing: The tool’s strong stainless steel blades ensure precise and even slices every time. Whether you’re creating thin garnishes or perfectly-sized ingredients for your recipes, this slicer guarantees consistent results.

Time-Saving: Cut down your kitchen prep time significantly. The NICEYARD Shredder and Slicer speeds up the slicing process, helping you get meals on the table faster without compromising on quality.

Model Number: Its model number is 23082, and it’s been checked to make sure it’s good to use.

Upgrade your kitchen experience with the NICEYARD Stainless Steel Handheld Shredder and Slicer. From quicker prep times to more sustainable choices, this tool delivers a range of benefits that make cooking and meal preparation enjoyable and efficient.