Kitchen Must-Have:Manual Fruit Juicer

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Introducing our Manual Juicer

The perfect addition to your kitchen for enjoying fresh and healthy fruit juices with ease. Designed with precision and practicality in mind, this juicer, bearing the model number “Fruit Tools,” boasts a stylish horizontal style that complements any kitchen decor.

Crafted from high-quality PP material and finished in a vibrant green color, this juicer exudes durability and a refreshing aesthetic. Its compact dimensions, measuring 8.66×5.12×4.92 inches., ensure it won’t clutter your countertop, while the lightweight build of approximately 350 grams makes it effortlessly portable.

Inside the package, you’ll find one piece of this fantastic juicer, which arrives brand new and ready to enhance your daily juicing routine. Here are some remarkable features that set our Manual Juicer apart:

  • Original Taste, More Refreshing: This juicer is designed to extract the purest, most authentic taste from your fruits. Say goodbye to artificial additives and enjoy the genuine flavors of your favorite fruits.
  • Preservation of Nutrients: With our Manual Juicer, you can rest assured that the vital nutrients in your fruits are preserved to a greater extent. Savor every sip knowing you’re getting the best of nature’s goodness.

  • Low Noise, Easy to Clean: The juicer operates with minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful kitchen environment. And when it’s time to clean up, its user-friendly design makes the task a breeze.
  • Portability and Ease of Use: Whether you’re at home or on the go, this juicer is your trusty companion. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it convenient to carry and a breeze to use wherever you desire.

Upgrade your daily fruit juicing experience with our Manual Juicer, delivering unparalleled taste and nutrition while effortlessly fitting into your lifestyle. Enjoy the benefits of fresh, homemade fruit juices, all with the convenience and style of the “Fruit Tools” Manual Juicer.