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Illuminate Your Space with Brilliance

Step into a realm of enchanting illumination with our Luminaire Floor Lamp. More than just a light source, it’s an artistic masterpiece that transcends conventional boundaries of lighting design. Elevate your ambiance with over 16 million colors and an array of multicolor options that defy reality itself.

Artistic Appeal

  • An embodiment of artistry and innovation, offering an experience beyond traditional lighting.
  • Functions as a sleek mirror by day and a captivating portal by night.

Technological Marvel

  • Seamlessly connect via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi for easy control.
  • Utilizes smart LED technology for energy efficiency.
  • Control via smart app or remote for added convenience.
  • Syncs with music, reacting to the beat for a dynamic ambiance.
  • Customize lighting scenes with over 16 million colors and 500+ multicolor effects.

Experience Beyond Expectation

Witness the transformation as day turns into night with the Luminaire Floor Lamp. Whether you’re seeking a gateway to another realm or simply a stunning addition to your space, this lamp offers an unparalleled lighting experience that will leave you mesmerized.

Perfect Gift for All Occasions

Give the gift of tranquility with Luminaire floor lamp. Perfect for aesthetic decoration, photoshoots, dates, parties, and relaxation, our Galaxy floor lamp enhances any space. It’s more than just a gif, it’s a pathway to a better Home.


30cm / 11.8", 50cm / 19.7", 70cm / 27.6"


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