Portable Aluminum Juice Squeezer

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Effortless Juice Extraction with Portable Aluminum Juicer

Introducing our Manual Juice Squeezer, a portable kitchen tool that simplifies the juice extraction process for a variety of fruits, from pomegranates and oranges to lemons and sugar cane.


Save valuable time and enjoy the purest flavors of freshly squeezed juice with this easy-to-use hand juicer. Its efficient design effectively filters out seeds, heavy pulp, and citrus peel, ensuring that your juice retains its original, refreshing taste in just seconds.

Key Features:

 Color: Silver
– Premium Construction: The high-quality aluminum alloy ensures that the handle remains sturdy even when squeezing large citrus fruits. The triangular diversion nozzle prevents dripping, making pouring smooth and mess-free.
– Effortless Extraction: This juicer is designed to maximize pressure on all citrus fruits, making it easy to extract every drop of juice with minimal effort.
– Easy Cleaning: The juicer’s components are removable for quick and hassle-free cleaning.
– User-Friendly: This orange press is user-friendly, suitable for both kids and the elderly, ensuring that you can extract juice with ease.

Elevate your juicing experience with our Manual Juice Squeezer. Order yours today and enjoy fresh, flavorful juice effortlessly.”



















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